The Digital Human Library – Brings the World to Class

This is the story of one teacher's dream to bring the world to her classroom. Just days before the big night on November 22, Stephen Central's Leigh Cassell went beyond her own classroom for a live interactive Digital Human Library Connection involving most of the students at the school. She connected with Sarah Thompson at Chief Poundmaker School on the Chief Poundmaker Reserve in Saskatchewan. It was a chance for the students to learn about Cree First Nation culture and traditions.

Now the best way to tell you this story is to show it to you.. on the following video..

Digital Human Library Update - Information Night
6:45 PM November 22, 2011 at Stephen Central PS

Leigh CassellOn Tuesday, November 22, 2011 I will be hosting the first Digital Human Library Information Night. The Digital Human Library is an online database of people in our communities and communities around the world who have agreed to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences with teachers and students in their classrooms using Skype (free video calling software). Think of the Digital Human Library as you would a library, but instead of books, the resources that can be signed-out are the participants (people). These participants have agreed to be contacted by classroom teachers to collaborate on an activity, lesson, or presentation that would then be shared at an agreed upon time in the classroom using Skype. So, in addition to the use of books and other classroom resources, students will now be able to engage with real people in real time using video calling software to learn curriculum based concepts and skills in a new and exciting way. The Digital Human Library is designed to bring the field trip experience into the classroom.

Come and join us to learn how you can become involved in a new and exciting resource for students and teachers that has improved educational achievement, enriched curriculum experiences, increased engagement and participation, and provided an inclusive and equitable learning and teaching experience for all. Come and experience the Digital Human Library in real time! With the DHL as an instructional resource, you can ensure that through the use of digital technology and communication tools, students and teachers will be able to access, create, and evaluate knowledge, expertise and experiences designed for a 21st century education.

Leigh Cassell
Elementary Teacher
Stephen Central PS

For continuing updates on the Digital Human Library follow Leigh Cassell on Twitter @dhumanlibrary.


Boys and girls watching the presentations on the floorEveryone has a certain special talent, ability or expertise in life. It might be from a passionate hobby, a community concern, a business or career. Now imagine sharing your story, your passion with young students as part of a "Digital Human Library". Leigh Cassell is a primary teacher at Stephen Central Public School. She is on a personal mission to build a Digital Human Library to share the life experiences of folks next door, in the region, across the district, in the province, across the country and throughout the world.

She began to build her collection last year and it has worked so well, she is inviting the world to come into her classroom digitally and meet with her students.

Here's How it Works

So how does it work? Watch this video and witness first hand how this library truly engages students in learning.

If you would like to volunteer to become part of the "Digital Human Library" contact Leigh Cassell by email

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