Kassie Makes a Difference at Holmesville Public School

Everyone knows that there are amazing students in all Avon Maitland Schools, but every once in a while there is one student who displays an act of kindness, thoughtfulness and compassion that really stands out.

kassie's cake pops11 year old Kassie Jefferson, a Grade 6 student at Holmesville Public School, took on her own special project before Valentine’s Day. Kassie raised and donated $125.00 to the “We In Action” project at Holmesville. She raised the money with heart dedication by baking, then selling delicious cake pops during Valentine’s week.

She advertised the cake pops on social networks and sold them at home to her family and friends. Kassie expressed: “It was such a great feeling to have donated to such an important cause!”
Our school's “We in Action” fundraiser raises money to build wells in India so that families there have access to clean water.

kassieThe Holmesville Student Council expressed their thanks to Kassie and her family for their kindness and generosity!

In the photo on right Katie Recoskie, Student Council Prime Minister, Nerena Goud, Student Council Treasurer and Kassie Jefferson.

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  1. Hi Kass:
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Grandpa and I are so very proud of you.....YOU are a winner!!!! Such a great amount of work you put into your project..and they really tasted good! I am sure some little girl in another country will welcome a glass of fresh water because of your hard work. Gram