Great Canadian Outdoors

Canada Dogsledding Trip

Thanks to a grant for outdoor education from the Ministry of Education, students from LDSS travelled to South River near Huntsville to experience two days of outdoor living. The first night was spent at the Northridge Inn where snowshoeing, walking, and outdoor hot tubs were enjoyed before dinner.

The following morning the group, led by Mrs Chapman, travelled to Chocpaw Expedition to load their luggage onto sleds, tie up the dog teams and head out onto the trails. Students learned the value of working together to care for the dogs, help with cooking and cleaning, gathering and sawing wood to ensure comforts while spending the night in the bush in a tent. After breakfast and getting the sleds loaded and dogs hitched up, the group headed on the trails to the office for a chilli lunch. The group was in no hurry to leave the northern outdoors and say goodbye to Chocpaw guides Torie, Gillian and Seppe. The experience reminded the group how great the Canadian outdoors can be, even in the winter.

Caring for the dogs

Fetching water from frozen Lake

Students Sawing wo0d

Dogs Sledding

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  1. It would be great if other schools could be part of an adventure like this. Would this be possibe?

  2. What an awesome opportunity. More of these activities/learning opportunities should be made available to students. This represents a real life grounding experience that will influence these students for a long time to come. Is there a group of Outdoor Educators within the AMDSB catchment area that meet to share ideas and projects around environmental and outdoor education issues and stewardship? If so, I would like to know of upcoming meetings or events.

  3. What a great experience!