Education Week 2013

Engage Inspire Innovate ... Always Learning

The theme for this year's Education Week is "Moving from Great to Excellent in Education".

The province of Ontario has much to celebrate when it comes to our education system, considered one of the best in the entire world. The same is absolutely true about education in Avon Maitland. One of the Board priorities is to maximize student outcomes. This involves a continued focus on literacy and numeracy and a more recent focus on student outcomes. The outcomes, sometimes referred to as Twenty-First Century Competencies, are Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Our second priority is to create positive, inclusive learning environments. This encompasses character education, equity, safe and healthy schools and much more. One of our primary areas of focus under this priority is to help more students, feel more included, more of the time, in all of our schools. It's a big job.

Moving from great to excellent in Avon Maitland will happen. It will happen because of the tremendous dedication of our staff. Each and every day students arrive at our schools safe and ready to learn. They are treated with respect and dignity and their future looks a little bit brighter each day because of our collective work. 

At the midpoint of Education Week it is timely to express a special thank you to our support staff on Support Staff Appreciation Day. The education of children is a very complex process and we have many people who work tirelessly in support of this process.

On behalf of students, parents and communities, thank you to all staff. Our students are well served because of you.

Ted Doherty, Director of Education