These Students Don’t Have Feet of CLAY

ClayShotOn May 30th 40 environmentally conscientious secondary students from across Avon Maitland met at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School for C.L.A.Y. 2013. What is C.L.A.Y.? It is an opportunity to celebrate great environmental achievements in our schools, learn about environmental issues and new projects, act in ways that inspire others to change their habits and be good stewards, and as youth to continue to be the enthusiastic leaders so desperately needed in the future.

The day saw Northwestern as a great example of what can be done in a high school setting from their soil gardens to hydroponics, from their learning centre to solar panels. This school served as a fabulous display for making environmental solutions visible. Check out this video...

Students also spent time discussing issues and possible next steps in their schools for addressing those issues. The last part of the day involved a treat: the Stratford Cinemas provided the group with an exclusive special presentation of the movie REVOLUTION, a provocative film that brings the urgency of necessary environmental change to life, vividly.