Let’s Make Waves – Careers on the Water

Storm1913_cOver the next decade employment opportunities in marine industries will grow dramatically as a result of retirements and changes in the industry. 1300 jobs are projected to be available along the Great Lakes alone over this time and of these 73% will be to replace retiring personnel. Jobs such as Chief Engineers, Captains, Engineering Seamen, Chief Cooks and Deck Officers need to be filled in the shipping industry. The salary range for most of these jobs is $40,000 - $100,000 plus per year. There will be many opportunities for rapid advancement in careers on the water.As part of the 1913 Storm Remembrance Event this fall in Goderich, a Career Fair will be held in November.

Imagine a 40 Foot Wave

Over 250 sailors lost their lives during The Great Storm of November 9 to 13, 1913. 19 ships were lost during this worst marine disaster on the Great Lakes; 8 of these vanished in Lake Huron. A number of events and exhibitions are planned for the 100th anniversary of the tragic event to honour the lost souls and ships. In addition to Heritage and Arts and Culture Exhibitions, the Job Fair and Trade Show is planned for November 8 and 9 in Goderich: Let’s Make Waves – Careers on the Water.

Let's Make Waves will feature representatives from shipping companies, boat builders, marine construction companies, tug companies, cruise ship lines and marine electronic shops. Each will have exhibits and information to showcase the opportunities and commemorate Careers on the Water. In addition, the Royal Navy and the Canadian Coast Guard will be there.

A Chance to Captain a Virtual Ship

Simulator1One of the highlights of the Career Fair will be the Georgian College International Marine Training Program including 2 computer-driven simulators.

Participants will step on board the simulated ship’s bridge or visit the ship's engine room where they can pilot and control a large vessel while monitoring their progress on the big screen. The Two simulators likely to be the big attractions at Careers on the Water.

Here is the list of the confirmed participants to date in "Let's Make Waves":

Algoma Central Marine Corporation
Service Canada & Skills Ontario
Da-Lee – Professional Dust Management
Georgian College Marine Program
Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping: www.boatnerd.com
Huron District Contracting
MacDonald Marine
Maitland Valley Marinas
Mariner Solutions
Parrish & Heimbecker: South Pier Terminals
SIFTO Canada: Mine & Evaporator Plant
Toronto Brigantine
Goderich Port Management Corporation

Tours of the Goderich Harbour and the Canadian Coast Guard facilities will be part of the Job Fair and shipping companies have been invited to provide tours of their vessels. There will also be sessions to assist career seekers with building their resumes and developing stronger interview skills. Let's Make Waves will be an excellent opportunity for students to explore careers on the water.

WEXFORD LAST SIGHTINGThe Avon Maitland District School Board and its Centers for Employment in Learning are among the many sponsors of the Centennial Commemoration to the 1913 Storm. Events will be held throughout September and October and the culminating weekend on November 8 - 10, 2013. Select this link for more information on the 1913 Storm events and the Job Fair.