Friendship Games Highlight the Year

250photo1The Annual Avon Maitland District School Board's Friendship Games were held earlier this month at Goderich District Collegiate Institute and Mitchell District High School.

The Friendship Games (formerly Special Olympics) are provided for students with developmental and/or physical disabilities who are not able to compete in other organized track and field events.

The Games are designed to give the students the opportunity to compete, to meet and to socialize with other students, and to have a fun day. The day includes both competitive and non-competitive events as well as other on-going fun activities.

Here are some video highlights from the Goderich Games.

Competitive Events

Students able to compete in the competitive events are placed into groups by age, gender and ability. Groups assemble following an Opening Ceremonies and athletes move from event to event within their groups throughout the day. Each group consists of one group leader and one to two group helpers with every four to six athletes. Events run all day, and activites culminate in a Sing Along in the afternoon.

The Competitive Events include:
• 100 m Dash
• 100 m Wheelchair Race
• 200 m Race
• 400 m Race
• High Jump
• Ball Throw (Primary)
• Shot Put (Senior)
• Standing Long Jump
• Running Long Jump
• Obstacle Course
• Bean Bag Toss
• Free Throw

Non-Competitive Events/On-going Activities
The non-competitive events have less physically demanding activities and athletes will have a one to one student volunteer to assist them throughout the day. The activities run in the morning and finish with the interactive Sing Along in the afternoon.

The Non-Competitive Events include:
• 25 m Assisted Race
• My Masterpiece
• Obstacle Course
• Bean Bag Toss
• Basketball Free Throw
• On-going Games