Board and Municipality Reach Agreement on Turnberry PS

TUR_005After several months of negotiations, the Municipality of Morris-Turnberry and the Avon Maitland District School Board have announced an agreement for the purchase of Turnberry Central Public School and its 7.7 acre property by the municipality. The purchase agreement was announced in a News Conference Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the Education Centre in Seaforth. The property was purchased from the Board for $210,000.

PaulGowing2Morris-Turnberry Mayor Paul Gowing said, "Our Council is very excited to have worked with the Avon Maitland Board to successfully purchase Turnberry Central School." Mayor Gowing added, "One of our goals at Morris-Turnberry is to put in place areas in our municipality that could easily be developed and spur economic growth. The availability of serviced properties that can be developed in our municipality has been of great concern. We are very happy to have been given this opportunity by Avon Maitland to become the new owners of this great location."

Colleen SchenkAvon Maitland Board Chair Colleen Schenk said, "It is always difficult to close schools, but an opportunity to work with the people of Morris-Turnberry makes us very pleased. The success story of the former Brussels Public School is a great example of this cooperation. As the students get ready to begin a new era at Maitland River Elementary, this agreement gives new life to Turnberry School and the surrounding property."

Mayor Gowing commented further, "The purchase of this school property will allow Morris-Turnberry to consider several options for its future use. It is important to Council that any development on this property move forward in a way that benefits our residents and community to the same degree Turnberry School has in the past. Morris-Turnberry's ownership of this facility will ensure its availability for future progress within our municipality. This is a terrific location with such great potential."