Here You See the Forest and Trees

ForestSchoolWelcome to Little Falls Forest School, a grade two demonstration program which uses hands on experience in the outdoors to teach concepts across the curriculum. This innovative program provides children with the freedom to explore, build, create, and use their senses to experience the natural world and engage with one another deepening friendships, build stronger collaborative skills and improve the ability to problem solve.

Forest School is an every day planned encounter which takes children outdoors for at least half of their school day. They return to the same natural settings to learn as the seasons change. This leads to deeper connections with and understanding of the natural cycles of life, heightens curiosity, and presents ever changing obstacles and challenges. In Forest School, nature becomes the second teacher.

The guiding principle of Forest School is that children are competent and engaged learners; with support and guidance children are able to lead their learning in directions far beyond what the educator can initiate on their own.

For more information contact Kendra Martin at Little Falls Public School.
Video Produced by Little Falls Public School