Avon Maitland Leading the Way in Grade 9 Math

EQAOIn the Provincial Assessment of grade 9 Mathematics, the Avon Maitland District School Board continued to outperform the province in both the Academic and Applied streams. 52% of students taking Applied Mathematics met or exceeded the standard, compared to 44% provincially. Of the students enrolled in Academic Mathematics, 86% met or exceeded the standard, compared to 84% provincially. Furthermore, scores in both streams in Mathematics improved from the 2011-2012 year, with an increase of 1 percentage point (up from 51% in 2012) in the Applied stream, and 2 points (up from 84% in 2012) in the Academic stream.

In the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT), the AMDSB saw a 1 percentage point decline from the 2012 results, with 79% of students meeting the standard, compared to 80% the previous year.

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Both the province and the board have maintained an upward trajectory on the grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics over the past 5 years, and it is encouraging to note that a greater percentage of AMDSB students consistently score higher on the assessment (compared to the province) in both the Applied and Academic streams.

While the downward trend in the OSSLT scores, at both the board level and provincially, is disappointing, it is somewhat tempered by the fact that a large majority of students continue to be successful on the OSSLT. Board staff will now analyze the data for each school and for individual students. This analysis will include the collection of information from schools regarding the intervention opportunities that were provided to both first-time and previously eligible students, in order to determine effective interventions. The data analysis will lead to adjustments in the Board’s improvement plan.

School staff will be taking a closer look at EQAO data, in conjunction with other data sources (e.g., report card data, credit accumulation, teacher and student perceptual data, etc.) on the PD day scheduled for October 11, 2013, in order to further refine their student achievement plans.