Getting There From Here – Moving to Grade 9

StudentsTransitionThe move from grade 8 to grade 9 presents a number of challenges for young adolescents as they embark on the secondary school journey. “Getting There from Here” is a guide for students and parents making the transition from elementary school to high school. This guide is designed to help make that transition as smooth as possible.

Beginning high school is a very exciting time in your life. It is a time when your horizons are expanding, and you are beginning your transition into adulthood and the world of work. Secondary schools in the Avon Maitland District School Board offer a variety of programs designed to meet your needs and assist you in reaching your full potential. All schools strive to maximize student outcomes by providing opportunities for all students to gain competency in the following areas: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

To assist all current grade 8 students at all schools across the Avon Maitland District, all of our 9 High schools hold a Grade 8 night for students heading into Grade 9 and their parents. As well those high schools that also have a grade 7-8 campus will hold events for current grade 6 students and their parents. Below is the schedule of Special Transition Events and open houses across the district:

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