Trends in Math – How Parents Can Support Students

PIC Inviting All Parents to Special Presentation

MathpicThe Avon Maitland Parent Involvement Committee is inviting parents from across the district to a special one hour presentation on "Trends in Math - How We Can Support Our Students". The presentation is Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Education Centre in Seaforth. This special presentation is open to anyone interested in maneuvering through the Mathematic Maze to help their young students.

Avon Maitland Math Coordinators Don Pottruff and Crystal Gascho will be highlighting and discussing trends in Mathematics Education and how we can use available resources to help our children.

Because of the changing needs of the world we live in - how do we best prepare our students to meet these challenges and also benefit from the opportunities that exist? Our learning environments are being carefully constructed to provide students with an opportunity to collaboratively work together to develop the skills necessary to become competent and creative problem solvers who are able to leverage this thinking to communicate their learning and ideas in effective ways.

Our presentation will discuss what this looks like in our schools and how we all play a vital role in supporting our students to become successful in meeting these challenges.

For more information please call 519-527-0111.