Program Department

Jane Morris

Superintendent of Education - Program

The Program Team is responsible for the implementation, review, and development of curriculum initiatives. Our mandate is to provide support and resources for teachers for the Ontario Curriculum from JK through Grade Twelve.  Our Program Team is committed to the continual professional development of our teachers through a wide range of learning opportunities.

As a team we value:

  • collaborating with superintendents and principals to develop clear, measurable goals for professional learning that focus on literacy, numeracy, and student achievement
  • staying informed about current research, promising practices, and high yield strategies
  • participating in professional learning activities that are shared with teachers to strengthen their knowledge about instruction and their skills in coaching, modeling, and assessing
  • creating and delivering professional learning activities at the board and/or school level
  • supporting school teams in the development of professional learning and school improvement plans
  • developing support documents and recommending appropriate resources and materials for effective instruction and for professional learning
  • supporting individual teacher’s needs
  • connecting with parents and community partners to support student learning

Meet the Program Team

Vince Trocchi

System Principal - Program

My role is to provide support for student achievement.  This support includes professional development for teachers and principals in school based inquiry projects connected to numeracy.  Co-ordination and work with outside agencies including School Nutrition Partnership, Healthy School Initiatives, and Daily Physical Activity are all important areas linked to this role as well.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.122

Jeremy Brock

System Administrator - Program

I am responsible for overseeing the blending of the Curriculum and Technology Support coordinators and coaches into a team of teachers that will be supporting staff and student learning.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.134

Laurie Long

Junior/Intermediate Program Coordinator

My role is to support junior and intermediate teachers as they link the ministry curriculum to their classroom. With a focus on collaboration, best practices and high yield strategies, I work with teachers, divisions and students to increase student engagement and achievement.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.129

Sandra Lee

Assessment & Evaluation Coordinator

I support classroom teachers in the process of our Board's Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting Procedure. This role includes acting as the Board's liaison with EQAO (Education Quality & Accountability Office) for the Grade 3 & 6 Assessment of Reading, Writing and Mathematics, Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics and the Grade 10 Literacy Test (OSSLT).

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.311

Laura Allan

Secondary Program Coordinator

My role is to support teachers in their work to enhance student engagement and student achievement.  I am also the Board’s Aboriginal Education Lead, and I coordinate our schools’ involvement in the Ontario Ecoschools initiative.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.126

Laurie Craig

Intermediate/Senior Program Coordinator

My role is to support principals, teachers and students in the intermediate and senior division (Grades 7-12).  I provide professional development opportunities and in-school support with a focus on literacy.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.127

Crystal Gascho

Intermediate/Senior Program Coordinator

My role is to support administrators, teachers and students, particularly in the area s of science and numeracy.  I am also the boards Environment Lead and EcoSchools contact.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.135

Don Pottruff

Coordinator of Math, Science and Technology

I provide professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators, support schools and divisions on school curriculum issues and goal setting, and consult with individual teachers on units, lessons and equipment. I also help organize our annual Sci-Tech Encounters Science Fair and Techno-Challenge held each spring.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.138

Jodi Regier

Primary Program Coordinator

My role is to support principals, teachers and students in the primary division (Kindergarten to Grade 3), particularly in the areas of literacy, the arts, and social studies. I enjoy providing professional development opportunities for staff, recommending and purchasing resources for students and teachers, and visiting schools to demonstrate lessons, and talk with teachers and parents.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.139

Jennifer Brodhagen

Early Learning Program Coordinator

My role is to coordinate early full-day learning to provide 4 and 5 year olds with the strong foundation they need for future learning.  Helping students engage and enrich to reach their full potential is an important part of the Open Ontario Plan.  I assist and train teachers and early childhood educators, by blending learning and play together throughout the school day to help children learn and grow.  The full day learning program has been rolled out, including the integrated extended-day programs to help prepare young students for future success.  Students who achieve early success in school are more likely to perform well later in school and go on to post-secondary education.

phone: 519 527 0111 ext.313

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