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There are multiple ways to find information on this site.


The easiest way to find something on this website is to use the Search box which is found in the upper right hand corner of the screen right under the image banner. Simply type in some keywords you are looking for, hit enter and the website will then return a listing of all the posts which contain those words.

Navigation Bar and Footer

The top navigation bar lists categorically, all the news posts on the site. This varies from the old site in that it is not a means of getting to every bit of conceivable information. It's focus is on the more rapidly changing news space as opposed to the relatively static informational resources.

Quick ReferenceAccess to information resources has not disappeared however. These resources are located in the footer now. This move was done to better publicize events and goings-ons of the Board and schools to the public.

Of course, we acknowledge that there are some resources that are accessed so frequently that they should be in a slightly more accessible place. This is where the Quick Reference section comes in. The quick reference is only available on the main page, but holds links to the most commonly accessed resources on the site.


If you happen to remember the month the article was first posted, use the Archives. The Archives are listed in reverse chronological order in the right hand sidebar. Click on a month and see all the information posted during that month.


You may also find the Sitemap useful. It is located in the bottom footer of all pages.

Events Calendar

Events CalendarThe Events Calendar is a place to promote and inform everyone of special events that both the board and schools are involved in. If you know of an event that is coming up and would like to promote it through our calendar, there are convenient links at the bottom of the page to submit your event and all the details.

This calendar is available on its own page for a month-wide overview, but we also showcase upcoming events in the sidebar of every page.

We Welcome Your Participation

There are many different ways to interact with others on this website and ways for your voice to be heard. The most common form of interaction is the comment section on news articles.


Comments ScreenAs you will note, in order to post a comment on a story, you will need to provide a name and an email address along with your comment. These measures are only in effect to combat comment spam and should never be used to contact you directly. Your email address will remain hidden to the public. The website link is available for you to link your name with your own website, but it is not required.

Please note that all comments do go through moderation to maintain a friendly atmosphere as this is a public forum. As a result, your comment may not display immediately on the page. This is normal, please do not resubmit your comment a second time.

Share the Good News

Share This exampleSocial media is a large part of how information is shared today. Links to news are shared amongst friends in various capacities all over the internet. To make it easy for our visitors to share information we've integrated easy access to common social networking sites at the bottom of all article posts. You'll see a ShareThis link, which when you hover your mouse over the link, you'll see a pop-up window which will allow you to easily share with friends the article link on a number of popular social networking sites.


At the bottom of each article and page, you'll note there are links to report mistakes and to share your own ideas for stories. We welcome all outside participation to contribute to this website. If you have written something you feel should be shared with the rest of the public, we want to see it! So send us your ideas.

You'll also see a link to a feedback form in the footer on each page. This provides access to the same form as above, but focuses on more general feedback. Feel free to use either link.

RSS Feeds

If you happen to use a newsreader, please feel free to subscribe to our two news feeds which are located at the bottom of all pages. If you subscribe to the News RSS feed, you will be able to see in your newsreader a listing of all new articles posted on the site. If you subscribe to the Comments RSS feed, you will be able to see a listing of all new Comments which people have made on articles.

What's a PDF document?

Many individual posts on the site contain links to PDF documents. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. These documents maintain all the look and design of the original file regardless of the computer platform you may be using to view the document. Many modern browsers support being able to view the PDF file right within your browser. You may choose to also download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. This will allow you to view the PDF files outside of your browser as well as give you other additional capabilities.

Zoomable Images and Videos

Some posts on the site contain images/pictures which can be magnified. Click on the picture to view a larger version of the image.

Links to videos also initially display as pictures. Click on the image and a larger window will open up in which the video will play.


In a further effort to keep people informed, we have a Twitter account to provide quick tidbits of news within the board and schools. Information that doesn't exactly warrant it's own news post, however it is newsworthy and we would like to share it.