Northwest Huron Transitions

This page will provide the latest information on the school transitions affecting students at Colborne Central Public School, Holmesville Public School, Clinton Public School, Goderich Public School, Brookside Public School and Goderich District Collegiate Institute. It will include meeting agendas, minutes and other reports and information brought forward in the process.

Parent Boundary Letter - Colborne Central Public School

Parent Boundary Letter - Holmesville Public School

Meeting Agenda

March 18, 2013 Northwest Huron Agenda
January 29, 2013 Northwest Huron Agenda
April 16, 2013 Northwest Huron Agenda
March 18, 2013 Northwest Huron Agenda

Minutes of the Meetings

January 29, 2013 Northwest Huron Minutes
March 18, 2013 Northwest Huron

2 comments on “Northwest Huron Transitions

  1. Rebecca Ingham on said:

    Wondering if March 18 transition meeting Minutes were approved at April 16 transition meeting and when they will be posted?

  2. Timothy Bilcke on said:

    Hi Rebecca,

    The Minutes and Agenda for Northwest Huron were approved and have now been posted. You can view them at Northwest Huron Transitions.

    Thank you

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